Monday, February 4, 2013

new year resolution

cliche right?

every year most people will update their FB statuses, blogs, etc about their new year resolution. but for me, this is my first year that i decided to have one. i am not doing it just so that i'll join the bandwagon.

the truth is, i never really trust myself to have a resolution because i am too afraid that i'll be flustered if i am not able to achieve it. and i find myself achieving things that i've never planned to achieve so i thought, "i am not the resolution type of person.i am more of a doer".

here is the thing about doing new things everyday in your do it, and you achieve it. that's it.

i never really feel the hurts and sweats of achieving something that i really want since i'll just do the things that i want at that particular moment. there were times that i didn't achieve what i aimed for. but why should i care?i have just thought about having/achieving it moments ago.

that is why this year i choose to look back and ponder. by having a new year resolution this year, it might change my attitude to the better. i am hoping that i'll be more grateful with people around me and the things that i have. insyaAllah

and for this purpose, i have chosen a verse from Al-Quran to keep on reminding me about being grateful

Be ever grateful to Allah for everything that you possess including your wealth, health, status, intellectual abilities and life. Allah says:

“Is, then, He Who creates comparable to any that cannot create? Will you not, then, take heed? For should you try to count Allah’s blessings, you could never compute them…” (An-Nahl 16:17-19).

so..the question is, what is my 2013 resolution? 


may year 2013 be the year that i discover my true passion. *cough*

some people might not see this as a resolution..finding passionn??lol. but in my case, it is a serious situation. i love to do a lot of things! knitting, sewing, baking, teaching, reading, travelling etc. but i can't really find what is the utmost thing that will make me really happy doing, i hope that i'll discover it by the end of this year. ;) 


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